Belize and Beyond

Our views are shaped by the journeys that keep our minds open and our souls cultured. They’re essential to our existence. Fueled by the wind and fed by the sea, our most recent sojourn took place in Belize, a coastline seducing us for years, where the air is warm and the water is cool – we felt at home.

To say that we went there for pleasure would be a lie, but it came with ease. The goal was to shoot our furniture where it originated. As things typically do on this mirage of an island, one thing segued into another and we didn’t complain about the detour. We somehow ended up diving the barrier reef and watching the sunset with aged rum. This was how life should be lived, naturally SO.

A single-engine Cessna picked us up, leaving behind coastal escapades and endless tides of turquoise. As Ambergris Caye disappeared into the clouds we took with us another tale of life well lived.