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Return Policy


We do not accept returned items for exchange or refund. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!



  •    Natural

Our "Natural" Finish on our hardwood is a elegant finish that brings out the shine and richness of our wood in its natural state.



  •    White Washed Distressed

Starr style's signature finish. Belizean hardwood that has been hand scraped and hand finished then rubbed smooth.


  •    Drift Wood

Our driftwood finishes resemble a bluish grey color best paired with lighter, beach like scenes.


  •    Ebony

Our ebony stain is a rich, deep, almost black. 


Product Care



Hand-crafted by skilled woodworkers in Belize, Primitive Modern taps into age-old knowledge of indigenous materials by utilizing all Belizean exotic hardwoods for their strength, beautiful natural finish, and environmental resilience. To maintain its beauty and help it last, wood furniture needs the right care. Products are finished with two to three coats of lacquer for extra depth and durability. 



  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, as sunlight causes fading.

  • Avoid extreme changes in temperature by arranging furniture away from radiators, heat and air vents and air conditioning units.

  • Avoid placing plastic or rubber materials such as lamp bases or placemats on your furniture, as certain plastics contain ingredients that may damage the finish.

  • Use pads, cloth or felt to protect the furniture surface.

  • Clean up spills immediately. Use a blotting rather than a wiping action. Water left over a long period of time will cause white spots in the finish. DO NOT APPLY Alcohol directly to the wood, it will cause damage to the finish and furniture surface.

  • Lift and place objects rather than dragging them across the furniture surface.

  • Avoid placing furniture directly under windows.



We recommend dusting frequently with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Clean the surface by rubbing in the direction of the grain. We recommend polishing your furniture approximately every six months, using a clean, soft, lint-free cloth and rubbing the polish in the direction of the grain.

Some of our products feature a high-gloss finish. Be especially careful to avoid scratching high gloss finishes by using a feather duster or very soft, clean cloths and wiping with minimal pressure.


Cleaning Wood Furniture: Any furniture polish that doesn't contain silicone is recommended. Our finishes are also a protectant so just maintain the finish and your product will last a long time.


Cleaning Leather: Wipe spills immediately with clean cloth or sponge. For spots or stains and daily cleaning, clean with mild non-detergent soap. Rinse well, gently wipe off, and allow to air dry. Cleaning Butter, Oil or Grease from Leather: Wipe leather with a clean cloth, and leave alone. The oil will be absorbed by the leather. DO NOT APPLY WATER. Also, do not use saddle soap, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, ammonia or any other type of chemical solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Your Pieces Hand Crafted?

Our furniture is hand made in Belize and hand crafted. 


Is Your Furniture Solid?

Our wood, found in Belize, is from solid hardwood species reflecting unique grain patterns and colors that are carefully hand selected by our craftsman for their strength and durability. All pieces are solid hardwood, NO veneers.


How Long Do Your Orders Take?

Generally orders take anywhere from 2-10 weeks pending or custom made to your specifications. We are committed to getting it to you as soon as possible without compromising the quality.


Do You Deliver?

We are extremely careful in getting your new furniture safely to your home. If you're local to our warehouse, we will personally deliver to your home. If you are not local, we have various shipping methods to accommodate your needs.


What are the main types of furniture care products, and which one do you recommend?

There are three basic types of furniture care products: silicone cleaners, waxes and polishes. We recommend avoiding silicone cleaners and waxes. While silicone cleaners create a high degree of shine, silicone seeps into even the highest-quality finishes, creating a barrier that will not accept stain or lacquer. This makes it virtually impossible to re-finish or touch-up your furniture.

Waxes should be avoided because their regular use may result in a build-up of wax film on the surface of the furniture. This build-up could actually attract dirt, smoke and other pollutants in the air, resulting in smudges and streaks. Also, many waxes contain grit that can permanently damage furniture surfaces if used improperly.

Polishes, which we recommend, contain detergents, emulsifiers and mineral oil. The detergents clean dirt from the furniture, the emulsifiers give it body to clean and last longer and the mineral oil is left behind as a barrier for dirt and moisture that could harm finishes. There's no grit to harm the finish, no wax to build up and no silicone to raise the sheen and act as a barrier for touch-up and refinishing.


Can I sell Sublime Original Pieces?

For SUBLIME ORIGINAL retail and wholesale furniture store development, please contact us at (904) 707-9761