John Beard

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Recognized for his complex use of color, movement and distinct style, Beard has amassed a cadre of admirers and collectors. As a self-taught American artist, he is driven to create. His work has been featured in many renowned private collections, design-related publications and exhibitions.

For years John lived abroad in the ministry- working tirelessly to help the world become a better place.  Feeding the hungry, providing medical attention, warm clothes and an inspirational message to children in over 35 nations. His past and present catalyze on canvas to create something much more than an image hanging on a wall. For those who discover him, artist John Beard is a rare find, like the paintings he creates.

“My inspiration comes long before I begin a piece. Somewhere my thoughts, feelings and vision crystallize into a spark that gives impetus. Each work takes on a life of its own, breathing life into the constant shapes, colors and ideas flowing through my mind; expressing something words cannot.

From the smell of the oil, the texture of the paint, the delicate stroke or the spontaneous splash of color, painting is my way to articulate the happiness of my present or my hope for the future.

 I am inspired and energized with each new piece. I hope you are too.”