Life is Beautiful: an exhibition of work by Linda Broadfoot, Jim Draper, Thomas Hager, Chris Leidy and Steven Lyon


4th November to 9th January, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday 4th November, 6-9pm


Steven Lyon, Sleeping Tree Lion - 1, 2012

Silver Gelatin Print


SO Gallery is pleased to present Life is Beautiful, an exhibition of fine art photography and painting by artists with a deep connection to the natural world and a passion to share and conserve its beauty.  The exhibition takes place at SO Gallery’s downtown location at The DeLO, 420 Broad St. Jacksonville, FL.


The exhibition includes from New York:

Chris Leidy: Leidy’s startling and at times mysterious images present a singularly contemporary approach to underwater photography.  His photographs capture the complexity of light and motion in challenging environments both under the water and on its surface.  Although representational by definition, Leidy’s images tend towards abstraction, conveying the mystery and wonder of his subject matter.

Steven Lyon: Large scale, visually sumptuous images by Steven Lyon demonstrate the photographer/film director’s passion for the immense beauty of Africa and the need to raise awareness of the issues surrounding wildlife poaching.  Lyon’s intimate wildlife portraits translate both the majestic beauty and the tragedy of this African story.  His non-profit organization Lyonheartlove is currently producing a documentary film, "Something That Matters”.  The film takes a raw, first-hand look at the escalating crisis of poaching.


The exhibition includes from Jacksonville:

Linda Broadfoot:  The exquisitely rendered monoprints by this award-winning artist combine her interest in natural forms with her passion for image making. Broadfoot works with one of only 5 remaining large format Polaroid cameras creating images that she transfers on to watercolor paper.  These monoprints are then carefully reworked by hand to accentuate the subtle beauty of each piece, creating photographic prints that echo vintage natural history illustrations.

Jim Draper: Draper’s most recent paintings from his Radical Naturalism body of work are inspired by his constant exploration and study of the Southeast’s  natural environment and its impact on human experience.  Draper has exhibited in dozens of solo and group exhibitions and his work is featured in hundreds of corporate and private collections.  Most recently Draper was the featured US artist in the United Nations New York show You Are What You Eat.

Thomas Hager:  Hager’s cyanotype and kallitype processes create painterly and textured images.  Using historic photography processes, painting techniques and the latest photographic technology, Hager pushes the boundaries of the photographic medium.  With his visual explorations of time and beauty, he continues to pay homage to art history while creating original photographic innovations.