You Can’t Rush the Moment: An Exhibition of Photography by Malc Jax

Opening 7th December 2016



Sublime Original Gallery Emerging Artist Series during Downtown Art Walk

Sublime Original Gallery presents “You Can’t Rush the Moment” — the inaugural exhibition of its Emerging Artists Series, showcasing the captivating work of photographer and Jacksonville native Malcolm Jackson a.k.a. Malc Jax. 

Working in the street photography genre, Malc Jax explores the Springfield neighborhood of his boyhood with introspection, chronicling the complexities of ordinary life. His documentary approach parses through the unexceptional—ramshackle parking lots, regular convenience stores, Laundromats, makeshift barber shops—making visible invisible lives and revealing the character of a place and time.  The nostalgia present in his work is personal and thus powerful; the photographer is intimately present. “In New York City, a photographer can go completely unnoticed in a sea of 8 million people,” says Malcolm. “In southern cities, and Jacksonville in particular, there’s a high likelihood that your subject knows that you are there photographing, so you are either going to take the shot or you aren’t.” His portraiture gives way to atmospheric qualities, emphasizing the importance of place.  People are players in a larger established order of a community.  Through Malc Jax’s photography, we are connected to his home turf’s intricate past, present, and future. 


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Memoirs of a Jit, Jacksonville, FL

2014 Bangem’ Boyz, Jacksonville, FL


Group Exhibitions

2016 Over in Zion, FSCJ, Jacksonville, FL

2014 Sonny Digital & Friends, Art Basel: Miami Beach, Fl 



2015 Best Served with Tea, published by The Book Patch

2015 Sweet Dreams Mag Issue 007

2013 Southern Uncomfort, published by Nighted Life



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